Involvement Opportunities

We are only as effective as the commitment of our volunteers, board of directors, sponsors, supporters and membership. 

Educational Events

Back to Nature Annual Festival

Our Back to Nature Festival (B2N) will need volunteers for event organizing, event planning, managing, marketing including sponsorships, project leaders and management, activities, booths, trail maps, concessions, entertainment, ecotourism, and much more. 

July 5th Beach Cleanup 

Through a joint venture, each July 5th we join together to remove trash from the beaches. Regular Tourist Development Council Trash Removal Crews remove approximately 100 to 130 bags of trash from our beautiful beaches. The TDC also furnishes the trash bags, gloves, and bottled water to rehydrate our volunteers. 

Public Forums 

SWCC regularly schedules open community Public Forums on topics that range from issues of critical importance to protecting our area's nature and quality of life to those on good governance and pressing issues requiring citizen engagement.
Contact us today to volunteer with our committees on Educational Programs and Events and Community Advocacy!

Community Relationship Building

Communication and Design 

Our organization is growing along with South Walton. We are professionalizing our materials and expanding our plans for outreach. We need volunteers with experience in design, writing, and communications who can help us spread the word!

Research Hot Topics

One of our core focus areas is the collection and sharing of important information regarding the many changes taking place in South Walton and how our community can unite to shape our future growth and development in sustainable ways. Do you regularly attend public meetings or service as an expert in a field of interest to our members? Contact us to learn more about how to serve on our public affairs and advocacy groups to ensure that the most pressing information reaches our membership and the community.

Outreach and Education

As our community grows, so too do the needs of our neighborhood and citizens' groups. Providing capacity building opportunities for these partner organizations and educating the next generation of Walton County residents in the skills of leadership and organization are of utmost importance. Will you help? 


Are you looking for an opportunity to use your passion and experience to help lead the way for the future of South Walton? Join us to help shape the future of SWCC and the future of Walton County!

A community committed and engaged. Volunteers collaborating for the future!




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