south Walton community council

Project: Azzurro Condominiums

A rare 33-foot-high coastal dune in the Seagrove Beach community of Santa Rosa Beach, Walton County Is now threatened by an environmentally unfriendly development.  This magnificent dune, a remnant of the great coastal dune system that once spanned the Emerald Coast, guards a precious coastal dune lake from Gulf storms.  It withstood the wrath of Hurricane Ivan in 2004 when surrounding sand dunes were washed away and adjoining properties suffered damage. 

The proposed Azzurro Condominium development would raze a large portion of the dune with the 'hope' that it will remain stable when the construction is finished.  And our County Commissioners approved the project even though it violates the County standards regarding neighborhood compatibility, setbacks from the beach and adjoining properties, overall building height
and environmental considerations. Learn more at the GoFundMe campaign here.

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