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Potential project: forman lsa (Large scale amendment)

A new South Walton project, Forman LSA (Large Scale Amendment), is moving through the approval process. The developer is seeking a land use change that would change 282 acres from Conservation Residential (2 dwelling units per acre) to Low Density Residential (4 dwellings per acre) on 282 acres, resulting in a doubling of lots from 584 to 1,168. Also, Conservation Residential requires vegetation preservation of 60%; Low Density Residential requires no preservation, which means that the developer can clear cut the property that can be developed. The property is south of Chat Holly, between Hwy 393 and Old Blue Mountain Road.

The project is in a flood-prone area that is 47% wetlands. Does it make sense to double residential density in this environmentally sensitive area? Please give us your feedback at

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