south Walton

community council

Our Focus

Our General Purposes Include:

  • To provide citizen education and help develop neighborhood organizations dedicated to participatory democracy
  • To develop citizen leadership
  • To promote civic involvement by individuals and neighborhood groups
  • To preserve a high quality of life in Walton County, Florida
  • To secure reasonable implementation of laws related to land use planning, environmental preservation and growth management in Walton County
  • To encourage integrity and accountability in the governmental process 
  • To provide and support community activities that showcase the extraordinary natural assets of Walton County and promote citizen involvement as well as advocacy in growth-management issues
  • To participate in the development, application, and enforcement of growth-management rules, policies and plans at all levels of Walton County government
  • To do all other acts and things and carry on and conduct all other activities necessary, suitable, convenient, useful and expedient in connection with or incremental to the accomplishment of any of the purposes set forth herein to the fullest extent permitted by the laws of the State of Florida and Walton County
Through educational programs, community outreach, and capacity building advocacy, SWCC helps preserve South Walton's fine natural assets: beaches, dunes, coastal dune lakes, floodplains, wetlands, forests and native vegetation. 

To educate and raise awareness among the public, SWCC has:

  • Conducted regular educational events featuring experts in various fields
  • Published guide books and maps
  • Utilized communications with members and the community to share research, ideas, solutions, and issues requiring attention 
  • Sponsored beach and road cleanup events
  • Served as a clearinghouse for information on local and regional organizations and efforts related to nature and the environment
Throughout our 20+ year history, SWCC has identified issues of importance to the quality of life of our members and area residents through participation with many Walton County boards, committees and like-minded organizations. Issues are also brought to the SWCC board for consideration by members and community residents for further research by our team. 

To protect the quality of life in South Walton, SWCC has:

  • Conducted regular community forums
  • Communicated issues of concern or opportunity 
  • Monitored growth and development policies
  • Collaborated with public and private organizations 
  • Supported county and state agencies responsible for overseeing environmentally-sensitive and neighborhood-compatible development
  • Supported new growth management policies and comprehensive planning
  • Incubated efforts by our committee which grew to become  A Better South Walton to coordinate efforts for a feasibility study of self-government options for unincorporated communities
  • Served as a clearinghouse for information on county, regional and state boards, committees, and workshops related to growth, development, transportation, education, economic development and policy making


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